Professional Editing, Proofreading, Translation & Writing Services.

I proofread on screen using Word  for docs with track changes and/or comments boxes, or Adobe Acrobat &
PDF  X Change for pdf's
I copy-edit on screen in Word for Docs ( using track changes & comment boxes ) or Adobe Acrobat & PDF X-Change for pdf's
Fees for proofreading & copy-editing are normally calculated as a rate per 1,000 words or for a whole project.
I am aware that clients' needs and requirements can vary, so my rates are flexible.  They range from €5($6/£5) to €20($23/£20) per 1,000 words.  Same day or next day incur a 50% additional charge. I have a minimum charge of €30($35/£30) per job.
For Indie writers I charge a special rate of €4($5/£4) per 1,000 words for proofreading and €6($7/£6) per 1,000 words for copy-editing.  ( this can be slightly higher if the editing requirement is very high ).  I would normally ask to see a sample before committing  to a firm quote.
For business proofreading and editing, I normally charge between €10($12/£10) & €20($23/£20) per 1,000 words depending on what is required.
TRANSLATION ( French to English & Spanish to English )
Fees can be calculated at an hourly or daily rate, per word or for a complete project.
Each project is assessed and costed individually as there are many factors which will govern the time required.
As a rough guide, rates are in the range of €50($60/£50) to €100($120/£100) per 1,000 words of French or Spanish

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Revision & Proofreading
Content Creation



I am equally passionate about editing and writing. I love to create with my own writing and I also gain enormous satisfaction from helping other authors refine their own efforts.

If you would like to see my writing, see my blog:   https://sallydixonsblog.wordpress.com/

Editing testimonials and reviews can be seen on the "Testimonials and Review Page."

 I have a B.Sc and a B.A. from UK universities as well as having completed a year's Postgrad. Research.  I have also studied Music & Creative Writing.

I was born and grew up in the South-East of England, but moved overseas in my twenties.  I have lived in many different countries including the US, the Middle East and Europe and love writing about them and incorporating the many different experiences I have had in my writing - some of them wonderful and some downright scary!

Nowadays I live in southern France with my husband, two Dachsies and two cats.

As well as my writing, I enjoy teaching English, French and Spanish to adult learners and spend as much of my spare time I can walking the dogs in the countryside.

I have had two books published in the US and several short stories and articles in the UK.  These include a short story in The Guardian which was syndicated in The Mail On Sunday.

The narrative of my latest book, Three Girls, takes place in Holland.  It is a romantic thriller set against a background of extremism and and social unrest: viewbook.at/ThreeGirls

My next book, due out in the summer is set in Cairo and tells the story of an expat. couple whose young child is kidnapped by terrorists

I am currently working on a book set in France which draws in threads of the story of the Cathar Heresy in the Languedoc.

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WRITING REVIEWS                           

J. LeMaux

I enjoyed the story of the three girls set in the issues of the moment, such as muslim women trying to live a western life much to the consternation of the male members of their families. Terrorists plots, murder and love all interwoven. I was disappointed to reach the end, and hope there will be a sequel soon.


Clive Thomas/Linda Thomas

Excellent Read

 I couldn't put this book down. Set in Holland with its different life styles, for me it was a real eye opener.

Three girls all searching for a better life because of the hardships and sufferings they are enduring.

You are drawn into a world of terrorism, murder and a love story that will keep you turning the pages right to the end.


 Mr Joe Lovelock

Review of Three Girls

 The novel is in a genre of which I am not particularly familiar, however I felt the characters were very well drawn and the underlying significant themes satisfyingly explored. The subplot was interesting and not something I'd thought about or read about before. Having been to several of the locations, the descriptions brought back some nice memories. Overall: 5 stars...


Good author knowledge

 An enjoyable read . There was a real sense that the author knew the locations in the story well. Definitely worth reading.

  Unnamed Reviewer

Fabulous debut novel - This is a beautifully crafted novel from this exciting new author. The areas described in Holland are absolutely accurate and made you feel as if you were actually there with the characters. A country with diverse cultures that the author manages to bring together and enables you to understand how the cultures have managed to live side by side mostly in harmony. Definitely an author to follow and I for one am looking forward to reading more of her work in the future. Definitely worth my rating.

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Therese Caruana

 “I am really pleased. You have taken good care of the script and I like the way you twist the sentences to say the same, but just more to the point. You also pick up on the point of view issues that I completely agree with.  There are only one or two comments that I haven't changed as it is part of the coming story.  I really like the system you use as well, with the comments on the side that guides one on how to correct the changes. Very detailed. So well done :)”


Karen Tait

Sally has written several articles for French Property News and I have always found them to be well written and full of useful information.

Karen Tait Group Editor - French Property News, Living France, France Magazine

Hollie Marsh

Sally went above and beyond helping me to edit my middle grade / YA manuscript and she also helped me with another writing project. Her editing transformed my work and she provided invaluable and high quality feedback. Additionally, Sally was very fast, she is very reliable and easy to work with. I am so glad I found Sally and cannot recommend her highly enough. https://www.sweetbriarsfarm.com/